September 15th, 2009

Coles Philips

natal day-lia

Daughter of My Heart
Happy Birthday, my dear art_tastic ! The years roll by, and we don't see enough of each other, but you remain one of the best young women I know; gifted, full of life, with a heart as big as your many talents. Don't let anyone stop you from finding your bliss. May the coming year be better, even, than you dream, and may we get together soon. And to your sister Katie, who is a treasure herself, many hugs and birthday wishes as well!

Fndom turn of the earth

natal attractions

Happy Birthday azriona !
The little section of fandom in which I've happilly settled, is peopled with some remarkable folks. You are one of them — your tireless (and excellent) reviews make the Children of Time awards possible for me and many others to navigate, you're funny and articulate, and you are a pleasure to "know" here on teh Intarwebz. Have a great day, and a great year!