November 18th, 2009


Resistance Is Futile

I Will, In Fact, Be Late To My Own Funeral
I believe it was sometime early in the spring of 1872 that I askedaibhinn to give me five questions, as part of the then-popular "resistance is futile" meme. And, by god, I have finally answered it. Ahem.
While I doubt anyone is interested in continuing this meme, I've been proven spectacularly wrong on such things in the past. So if anyone does want to play, here are the instructions, and I'll gladly ask them questions. (Well, mostly. One of the cats sat on my keyboard, and erased the original instructions, so I had to reconstruct them.)
Post a comment here with the phrase "resistance is futile" in it. I will give you five questions I've wanted to know about or from you. Repost them in your journal, and answer them.

I've answer the questions under the cut, because I'm obscenely verbose and want to save space.

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