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January 26th, 2010


External, Internal    

The Externals
  • The plumbers are gone, their deeds of heroism done, their rodding and sewer caps having comforted me and mine.
  • I've put all the rags used to hold back the waters last night through the wash, and the next step is to clean the floors tomorrow.   And these plumbers? Oh, about nine gazillion times better than the last ones, I'm thinking. Hell, they even gave us a free jacket. No, really. One of them left their Official Plumbing Company hoodie jacket here. When we called the office to alert someone, they asked if there were any things in the pockets. No ... and hey, presto, it was bequeathed to us.
  • Also, they revised their initially worrisome (she said, with astonishing understatement) "This. Is. Raw. Sewage." analysis. It wasn't raw sewage. It's just that regular waste water that has aged grease and unidentified biocrud marinating in it - rather like our own lower g.i. tract biocrud marination system - well, let's just say the resemblance between the two products is breathtaking. No. Really. It got hard to breathe in here. But, technically speaking, while it may have walked like a duck, it wasn't duck shit.
  • I have had a shower. Let me say that again, because it was so good to think about. I have had a shower.
The Internals
It's all infrastructure of one kind or another.Collapse )