February 10th, 2010

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Dr. Who Fiction: There's No "I" in Team. There May, However, Be Idiots

Title: There's No "I" in Team. There May, However, Be Idiots
Author: kaffyr 
Characters: Nine/Jack/Rose
Rating: PG-13
Jack, Rose and the Doctor work spectacularly well together. But they can also misinterpret, misunderstand and misjudge each other, to sometimes spectacular ends.
Edited: the spectacular dr_whuh 
Author's Notes: I wrote this for  yamx , who won a story for me in the help_haiti auction, and it's part of their* Same Prompt Project. That prompt? "Jack annoys Nine and has to face the consequences (can be gen, or Jack/Nine, or Jack/Nine/Rose, or undetermined)." The story got away from me at one point, but I believe I coaxed it back into the land of the germane.
Disclaimer: I might wish it were otherwise, for I love them greatly, but I don't own anything in the Whoniverse, nor do I own any characters who originated in Doctor Who; both are owned solely by the BBC and their various creations. I earn nothing and intend no infringements.

* I've learned my lesson. Neutral (if somewhat ungrammatical in the traditional tradition) pronouns until one can be reasonably sure of gender.


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I Believe the Term is w00t!!1!
My First Born now has a job (first day Monday)! With (eventual) bennies, including medical (and dental!!!), and the possibility, down the road, of improved access to university education!!

Join with me as I dance the dance of Relieved Motherhood!!!

(And forgive me my excessive use of exclamation points.)