April 27th, 2010

Teal'c dances

Dept. of Wow!

A New and Delightful Thing or Two
     As I've mentioned before, the very generous zenitt  won my writing services in the help_haiti  auction. He was patient, gave me lots of information in his outstandingly unique prompts, and didn't appear to regret having to wait for the results. Those results, the Ninth Doctor stories Ice Like Centuries and Dam-busting, are posted here and over at Teaspoon, and I'm pretty darned pleased with them.
     All of which is very nice. What completely blew me away yesterday was learning that zenitt had created two lovely banner-type illustrations of both stories. They're gorgeous and very apropos - especially the one for Dam-busting - and I was, as I told him, hornswoggled. No one has ever done something like this for me, or for my writing, and I'm touched beyond words. Once I figure out how to add them to my lj story postings, I will, but for now, I wanted to share them with you here.
     And again? Thank you, zenitt!