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August 2nd, 2010

Doctor Who 30 Day Meme

Last night, I climbed back on the meme bicycle. I had written up a veritable monograph on the various companions I count as my favorites (and, yes, there are multiples because - after the oh-so-easy "favorite Doctor" day - I'm back in the land of indecision) when I lost the entire thing to a carelessly hit button. But anything  that is remembered can return, so ....

Day 01 - My Favorite Quote
Day 02 - My Favorite Classic Series Episode
Day 03 - My Favorite New Series Episode
Day 04 - My Favorite Doctor
Day 05 -
My Favorite CompanionCollapse )

Natal Felicitations

Happy Birthday, tardis_stowaway 
And may you have many more, filled with writing, cooking, being creative and curious about the world, enjoying television, savoring music and being, in general, a remarkable person!