September 15th, 2010


Homeliness is next door to cleanliness

Assorted Observations
  • Only in Casakaffyr is it considered completely unremarkable to include "pick up the 3 dozen loose unused googly eyes of varying sizes off the floor" in the cleaning regimen.
  • After too many months, and a few too many necessary schedule re-routings, the carpet cleaners are here. Could our long and dirty carpet nightmare at last be over? The nice young man is here, spraying orange-smelling cleaning fluid over the carpet, the freaked-out cats have headed for parts unknown, and I? I am in a fever of anticipation for two hours from now, when all will be clean.
  • The two funniest short pieces of fanfic I have read in a dog's age are here, presented, upon behalf of her very talented friend Kristin, by the inimitable Woman of Genius earlgreytea68 . They are gently, mockingly, self-referentially celebratory and representationally gleeful in their love of Sherlock. Go! Read!
  • Speaking of fanfic, I wrote 1,000 more words over the past 30 hours on my OT3 h/c bingo fic (ah, fandom! Ah, LJ fanfic-speak! I love speaking in code!) and I am almost hubristically pleased with myself, for which I beg the forbearance and forgiveness of the lords of chance. Still - 1,000 words, when I wasn't, strictly speaking, looking? w00t!!1!