September 26th, 2010

Roman Rory

Dept. of two months of DW memeishness

The (Once and Future) 30 day Doctor Who Meme
You may recall a song Shari Lewis sang with her puppet Lambchop; "This is the Song that Never Ends." I'm reminded of that song - guaranteed to drive adults mad after two minutes - as I return to the 30 day meme. I do have an excuse, because today's entry asks for one's favorite Who-related fanfic. As most folk have found, it's supremely difficult to choose.

I went to my list of favorite stories over at the DW archive A Teaspoon and an Open Mind, figuring I could create a top 10 list. That didn't work. I've favorited  262 stories over there - guys, do you realize how talented y'all are? - and winnowing to 10 was impossible. Instead, I found myself reading at least part of each story again, picking excellence from excellence, then writing something beside the title to remind me of why I loved it. That turned into micro-reviews. It hit me then that I could offer a partial list of recs.

It isn't complete, because it doesn't include those stories I've read on lj that aren't archived on Teaspoon,. It isn't even my complete Teaspoon list. These stories are, I suppose, the Teaspoon offerings that are my personal creme de la creme. They go beyond "favorite" in ways that are impossible to explain, except to say they struck a chord in me that other equally good stories didn't. I also disqualified at least a few stories because I worked on them, lightly or heavily, as an editor/beta, and I didn't want anything on the list in which I was involved.

So, here is:
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