October 4th, 2010



Alright, OK, Alright, OK
Let's see. It's Monday. What have I done?
  • I remembered to breathe all last night. That was good.
  • I got up in time to greet the plumbers here to do the building's massively needed cleanout. That was good. (Especially since I talked to them before the building prez; he's ... less than effective when it comes to plumbing stuff. Also, I learned that they need to access part of the system through our hallway, and I was able to put up what I hope will be carpet protection for that. )
  • I'm dressed, heels and all, for an interview I have to do today at 1 p.m.; I've put a "I'm not very 'in' this week" message on my office phone; I've let my boss know I'll give him a smaller load of stories this week, probably. So that's good.
  • I talked to Bob. Now the cardiologists are keeping him in, because of "changes" they saw in those tests from yesterday. I need to get there as soon as possible, to find out more WTFness is going on. I can't deal with it over the phone. So that's ... not good. But we'll deal with it.
Donna Three

Natal felicitations

Candles and cake and best wishes, oh my
There are folks I like out there, and they're having birthdays. Happy birthday rmjwell ! Happy birthday rm ! Belated Happy Birthday to promethia_tenk , and a pair of future Happy Birthdays to heatherbelles  and supergee !) Many happy returns to all of you; may your creativity be fertile this year, may your heart be nourished by love given and received. May you be blessed with peace, and may you have plenty of time to laugh with those you love about the oddities and vagaries of this world.
Blue Nippon


Blood Makes Noise
And we can't seem to stop it.
Bob coughed and threw up blood again, steadily, starting around 2:45 p.m. Monday; there was a lot more blood elsewhere in his body, in places it wasn't supposed to be. his stomach was cramping, his heart rate soared, he got pale as paper again, he couldn't stop sweating, and yet his blood pressure held until just past 8 p.m. Then it started to drop. They ordered more red blood cell packs. He couldn't sleep, he couldn't rest in one position, the blood kept coming out, they've stopped any food and any water by mouth. His ICU day nurse, Mary, should be sainted, and I think his night nurse, Ed, is probably pretty damned good, too, but they couldn't make him feel better, and I couldn't. All I could do was wipe his mouth and his head, and hold his hand. He can hardly talk, he's so weak. And he's scared. So am I.

He's having another procedure tonight - should be starting about now, actually - with the bland umbrella name "interventional radiology." As I understand, it's pushing the same fluid they injected into his stomach via the endoscopy two days ago, to try to get the bleeding to stop. This time, they'll inject it  through arteries in his groin, up into his stomach. I'm at home with a migraine, had to come home around 9 p.m. but I've told them to call me as soon as the procedure is over.

Blood reeks.

ETA:  I had to call the ICU just now (1:17 a.m.) to find out that they decided not to do the procedure tonight. Instead they pushed three more packs of red cells. The doctor on shift said he called earlier but didn't want to leave a message because he didn't want to risk leaving a message at the wrong number. Uh-huh. No calls while I was home; Bob called me shortly after I got off the phone with the doctor. He says the man did call me. Ten minutes after I left. All he had to do was leave a message saying "please call the ICU" He didn't have to leave state fucking secrets on the damned phone. And, while Bob sounds stronger over the phone - thank you red blood cells - they've confirmed that they aren't going to give him much of anything to help him get to sleep. Some reasonable reasons, but he's still exhausted, and how the hell can he even begin to heal without sleep?