October 10th, 2010

Kiki 2


Sun is Shining, Health is Healing (Largely reposted from LINDA thread in TWoP DW boards)
     Bob spent another good day yesterday, getting more sleep and successfully eating, for scenarios wherein "eating" means the consumption of clear liquids. Today, he phoned me and told me that he's been put back on full liquids*  which includes puddings and ice cream: I've been directed to bring him up a pint of top quality French vanilla ice cream. He also thinks he wants me to bring the laptop up so he can record a personal update/greeting/thanks and upload it to You Tube. If that happens, we will Alert the Press.

     I still don't know when they're going to cut him loose, because they still want to check his vitals regularly, and ensure that the "scab" on the duodenum is set strong enough to take movement while healing goes on underneath (wow; just looked at that last phrase, and got a little green in the gills.) But I think I'll be able to go back to work tomorrow and not have my every thought of him, instead of my work. I've got a couple of meetings to cover this week, and I'm hoping I can go to them, and then duck back to the hospital to visit him. And then, maybe, maybe, we'll get him home before the week is out.

*and the crowd goes wild*