November 12th, 2010

Ein 2

Dept. of Improving Health

The Return of Non-Slurried Food
Yes, it's imminent, because the endoscopy Bob had today appears to have stretched the duodenal opening enough to allow for a so-called "soft" diet. Huzzah! That allows tender meats, most vegetables, and potatoes — even french fries, which addition my beloved noted with an almost salacious gleam in his eye.

Of course, nothing ever gets done completely the first time. The gastroenterologist said Bob must come back in three weeks for one more procedure (more stretching) in three weeks, and he took a biopsy of an area in the stomach about which he had questions. More biopsies. Yay. Not gonna think about that right now, tiddley-pom, fiddle-de-dee.

Still, as long as there's no evidence of bleeding in the next day or so, we can consider today a success. Rejoice with us, friends, as we bid farewell to cream of wheat in all its iterations!