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December 29th, 2010

Nataldalia, mass belated edition

It's Nearly the End of December - Happy Birthday December Babies (Who Aren't, You Know, Jesus)!*

  • [info]scarfman , a talented and funny artist and Whofan, with a slightly mordant wit, had a birthday on Dec. 15, (the same day as my beloved brother).
  • [info]clearlydark , a long-lost-but-refound friend from my days in Moncton, New Brunwick - a fan of CJ Cherryh and geology and cats and other eminently wonderful things - had a birthday on Dec. 19.
  • [info]apostle_of_eris , who is almost impossible to describe, and is totally impossible to imagine not knowing (and who not only knows how to make a heart, but is going to teach me) gained another year on Dec. 21.
  • [info]fmsv , a quiet Minneapolitan gentleman with a taste for fine walking sticks, (and a collection of piano rolls, if my memory serves me correctly) had a birthday on Dec. 23.
  • [info]lillibetm3 , who shares my love of Nine and Rose, and shows it with some exquisitely romantic fanfics, blew out the candles on Dec. 28.

To all of you, whether you navigate Live Journal daily or aren't here all that often; may your birthdays have been good days, and may they herald an excellent year for you!

*Who gets a very Happy Birthday from me every year, because some stories are true even if they're not, and I'll leave it at that.

Dept. of two-plus months of DW memeishness

No, It Won't Be Done Before 2011

But it will get done. And so, without further ado, I present ....

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