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  • It's Wednesday, and I plan to venture out to World Headquarters today. If only to remind them that I exist outside of snarky emails. Oh, and to put in a vacation request for next week. Because they'll be so pleased at less than a week's notice. I'm such an idiot.
  • My hands are slowly recovering from two days of extremely heavy, non-stop typing. Had to take 13 single-spaced pages of notes at a Monday meeting (31 people speaking about a proposed park facility. Albeit surprisingly civilized about the whole thing, which was a bit of a controversy in my little burg, they went on ... and on ... and on ... and bloody on. Meeting started at 7:30 p.m., ended at 11:45, and the testimony was non-stop from 8:30 on. The next day, why it was deadline day, and I had to write about that upon which I took the notes. As well as several other items. Yes, it was a Mr. Codeine twofer day, you betcha. I still have to look into the "dip your hands into melted parafin for temporary relief" idea, I'm thinking.
  • Soon I shall be 56. WTF?
  • Have watched, and not disliked, "Night Terrors." There were some some things to appreciate about it intellectually, and I appreciated it a little more after reading azriona's post here. The story did benefit from George having two loving parents at the same time  (a seeming rarity in modern Who, no matter whose era we're talking about) and there were some effective moments (Alex realizing that Claire can't have kids and what that means, for example), but I don't think it was very well written. It certainly wasn't emotionally engaging for me, and the reveal of the doll house was obviated by the fact I knew it was a doll house the moment Rory and Amy notice the copper-painted wood pan. The dolls weren't frightening, the little boy's origins were BWUH, even for Who, and an apparently near-direct rip from "Fear Her," , Alex's whiplash from loving father to 'he's an ALIEN!" to "never mind" wasn't believable and even the little things - the idea of a landlord in what was far more likely a council estate building was risible and either careless writing or careless production, for example - were inescapably irritating. More than one person has commented that it felt like Gatiss was trying to write a Moffatesque episode, and failed. I'm afraid this cements my opinion of Gatiss' writing; meh. It matches my opinion of his acting, sadly. Huh. Yeah, the more I think about it, the less I like "Night Terrors."
  • Have watched, and very much liked - very, very much liked - "The Girl Who Waited." Of which more, perhaps, anon.
  • People in my thoughts today: ljgeoff (you're amazing! Keep going!);honorh (you and your family are in my thoughts),mack_the_spoon andnamarie24(I wish I could give you more than my best wishes for your hopes and dreams); my beloved dr_whuh, who keeps me going and makes my life sweeter in every way, and my mom, who I need to call, post haste.

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