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January 2nd, 2011

Dept. of Getting a Slow Start

The First Day of 2011...
... started very nicely, with the smallest gathering of buddies we've had in some time; a couple of folks had prior plans and our old buddy carnyjack was running a fever. Still Dr. Gonzo was there, and one of our old friends from the Barbarossa days; a fellow Fourth Estate member. I had the enjoyable duty of drinking champagne, something I only do at New Year's. All in all? Quiet, but a good start to the year.

And then things got really, really uncomfortable.

Whinging kept under wraps for your protection.Collapse )

Dept. of Minute, Teeny-Weeny Epiphanies

Oh, FFS ...
Watching "The Poison Sky" and it burst onto my consciousness, a veritable cascade of renewed understanding. It's one I'll probably put aside, but — no, no, he just went all shouty. Can't put it aside.

Christ, Ten was annoying.