January 19th, 2011

Kiki 2

Mass Nataldalia Effect

People Were Born! In January!

And, because they are all interesting and admirable people, I want to wish each and every one of them a happy birthday. If your day has passed, then I hope it was pleasant and filled with friends. If it's still to come, I hope it becomes a birthday to remember fondly. So, without further ado, Happy Birthday To ...
  • pnh , the fear of whose ascerbically and intellectually mighty logic bone is sometimes enough to remind me to examine my ideas before opening my mouth, even though it's actually been years since we've been in the same room. He also rites and edits gud. And plays fine, fine guitar. (2nd Jan.)
  • monkey_pants7 , who is starting 2011 getting ready for a new job in a new town. Much good luck to this theater loving DW fan - may the job and the year be even better than she hopes! (4th Jan.)
  • beamjockey , the first  panjo-blaying pharticle pycisist it has been my pleasure to know. May the new year bring interesting times at Fermilab (no, really interesting times, and not fake-Chinese-proverb-type interesting times) for W. Skeffington Higgins! (12th Jan.)
  • ljgeoff , who is one of the most adventurous, strongest, and most talented people I've been lucky enough to meet. If I had half her strength and self-discipline, I'd be lucky. May this year be spectacularly good for you, and for those you love - and may we finally get another chance to sit and talk in rl, my dear. (14th Jan.)
  • minnehaha , that mysterious dual-brained-and-hearted entity who, in both its multiple and singular parts, is simply teh awesome. Teh Awesome, I tell you. Bow before minnehaha , and bring loads of well-cooked fine food as tribute! (15th Jan.)
  • canaana , a DW lover, a fan of Jack Harkness (woo-hoo!) and a talented writer who, even better, has thoughtful things to say about the art of writing. I'm looking forward to seeing more of said writing in 2011. (20th Jan.)