May 19th, 2011

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DW: Thoughts on The Doctor's Wife

Bigger on the Inside

It felt absolutely right to me - so right that, at first, I didn't even think the story was that momentous. Just ... well ... right.

It's a story I might write.

So, kaffyr , you're saying you liked it not because Gaiman wrote it, not because he beautifully brought to life something other writers could have screwed up completely, but because it was something you might have written?

No, (at least not completely, she muttered, forced into complete honesty.)

I liked it - I loved it - because I think it's a story only someone who loves the TARDIS could write. Some folks have theorized that Gaiman first started the script with another goal completely, and was routed into the "TARDIS, personified" plot for various reasons. Even if that is true, I still think he wrote the story he did because he loves the TARDIS.

Wait. Let me start again.

The whole concept of the TARDIS is encapsulated in one phrase.

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