August 4th, 2011

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I Have a Dreamwidth Account, But LJ Is Home, and So ...

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[info]deathpixie at Signal Boost: Return of the DDoS
For those wanting to know more about the recent DDoS attacks, yes, it looks like it was the Russian government trying to shut down the dissidents again.

As I said
last time, while it's frustrating not to have access, LJ is a lot more than a social network platform. From the article:

"LiveJournal isn’t just a social network. It’s also a platform for organizing civic action. Dozens of network projects and groups mobilize people to solve specific problems — from defending the rights of political prisoners to saving endangered historic architecture in Moscow."

So while I know many are considering the move over to Dreamwidth and other such sites, supporting LJ is a way we can help support those who use it for more than a writing/roleplaying/social venue.

Also, as a FYI, LJ is giving paid users effected by the outage
two weeks of paid time as compensation.

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When Life Gets You Down, Dance With an Owl*

Thanks to canaana  and yamx  for linking to this. It's so wonderful — and the music is so very hummable — that I figured I'd just present it (via link, because it simply won't embed) for the edification of everyone who needs a smile. It is, perhaps, no surprise that I'm typing this with two cats asleep on my legs.

*Notice how I manfully avoided using an Edward Lear reference?