January 14th, 2012

Blue Nippon

Dept. of Nataldalia

Birthdays, We've Got Birthdays

Happy Birthday two days late (12th Jan.) to beamjockey who makes science fascinating, fannish history accessible, and ukelele music. No, really. He makes ukelele music, and how cool is that?

And Happy Birthday on this very day to [personal profile] ljgeoff , who is one of the nicest, hardest-working, most creative, fearless and most loving people it's been my pleasure to meet. Maybe this year is the year we explore the TARDIS together!

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My Doctor

DW Fic: Miss Jones and The Good Egg

Story: Miss Jones and the Good Egg
Author: kaffyr
Harriet Jones, Mr. Copper
Rated: G
Word Count: 1,545 per Google docs
Edited by: My best beloved
Summary: There's no accounting for taste ....
Author's Notes: Written for the redoubtable
wendymr in fandom_stocking 2011. This story was the direct result of a discussion about whether or not eggnog is known, drunk, or appreciated in any corner of the British Isles and environs. Said discussion took place over at dw_britglish; it turned rather more lively than one might have expected a discussion of holiday drinks to turn, but was loads of fun. As you might discern from the story,wendymr and I stand on opposite sides of the question, and I couldn't resist writing this up. For those interested, this follows on the heels of my AU Copper Armour for Miss Jones, which predicates Harriet's last minute rescue from Daleks by Mr. Copper. (It's also over here at Teaspoon.)
Disclaimer: As much as I wish it were otherwise, no Whoniverse characters are mine. They are the sole properties of the BBC and their respective creators. I intend no copyright infringement, and take no coin. I do, however, love them all, and thank the BBC for letting me play (and create the occasional original character) in their sandbox.


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