January 20th, 2012

Stocking OT3

DW Fiction: Dreams of Home

Story: Dreams of Home
Author: [personal profile] kaffyr
Characters: The TARDIS/Rose Tyler/Jack Harkness/The Ninth Doctor
Rated: PG
Word Count: 703, per Google docs
Edited by: the more than splendid dr_whuh
Summary: With music and images, Rose and the TARDIS have a conversation about where the heart is.
Author's Notes: This was a 2011 fandom_stocking story for othermewriter. I admit it, I have a crush on the TARDIS, have had for years, and I know that those She carries hold even deeper feelings for her. It goes without saying that she more than returns the favor.
Disclaimer: As much as I wish it were otherwise, no Whoniverse characters are mine. They are the sole properties of the BBC and their respective creators. I intend no copyright infringement, and take no coin. I do, however, love them all, and thank the BBC for letting me play (and create the occasional original character) in their sandbox.

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