February 18th, 2012


Dept. of Friendship

Happy Birthdaylyricalviolet.

Almost six years ago, I ran across the revived Doctor Who, and Doctor Who fandom on the Internet. Among the many reasons I'm grateful, is my introduction to lyricalviolet.

Back then she was funny, generous, intelligent, talented, kind, brave, creative, worried about how she would make her way in the world, but determined to do it nonetheless. She was, and I think she knows what I mean, never afraid to Jump.

After more than half a decade, what do you know? She is still all that, and more. I am so glad I know her. Happy birthday, Jae! You are a gem in the diadem of the vast universe, and some day I hope to drink too much wine with you, and enjoy in person the friend I've been so lucky to know through my screen.

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