March 5th, 2012

Pompoko yawns

Dept. of Welcome to the Working Week

In Which Your Humble Servant Attempts to Get a Move On
(And also, Several Things Make a Post)

If I could be as assiduous about my work as the little lady in my Dreamwidth icon, I would be happy. More likely, I'll resemble the little Tanuki in my LJ icon. So I shall simply be pleased that I am working ... and here, of course, I have to wonder why I spend so much time obsessing about how I don't work to what I consider my optimal level, and so little time actually, you know, working. I am forced to put it down to the fact that my human clockwork is wonky, and that this is one of the symptoms. Today, at least,  my obsession is tinged with good humor. And that is no mean feat.

Enough of that.

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* Not for your arteries, of course. Oh, my lord, the super creamy high fat content is heavenly.

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