March 27th, 2012


Dept. of Hello, Is This Thing On?

I Had So Many Things To Say

But I couldn't find the time or the inclination. It's been one of those days weeks months ah, fuggit, one of those periods of times.

Still, a few things make a post, don't they? Let's see.

Birthdays! There are, and were, birthdays!

Many past happy returns of the now-bygone day to[personal profile] james_davis_nicoll (18th May), who almost single-handedly keeps me informed and amused about a plethora of fannish and general things. His cats, too; my world would be a little less richly wonky without James' cats, and his occasional contretemps with brassy squirrels.

Happy birthday, too, to [personal profile] robling_t (just yesterday, 26th March); may your Muse be beneficient this year, and may life be good to you.

Nor can I forget to wish all the best in the coming year to mostlikely2 (22nd March), one of the people still most apt to challenge the way I think, and one of the writers who can move me to tears of joy.

Other Things!

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