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October 6th, 2012

Dept. of the Weekend

What I Have Been Up To Recently

First things first - birthdays! This is me, sending out heartfelt pending, present and past birthday wishes to friends and lovely acquaintances: to burlesque photographer extraordinaire and new dad [personal profile] rmjwell  (Oct. 3); to careful and creative thinker and writer [personal profile] rm  (Oct. 4) even if she's largely absent from dw/lj land these days; to the wonderful, quotable, omnivorous reader [personal profile] supergee  (Oct. 5), a most excellent coyote; to one of my oldest LINDA friends and new homeowner heatherbelles (today, hurrah!); and to gracious host, remarkable mom, and award-winning editor [personal profile] rarelylynne  (Oct. 8). May the coming year be wonderful for all of you!


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And I desperately miss Rory and Amy. Almost more than I miss the Doctor. Almost. Is it Christmas yet?

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