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December 2nd, 2012

Dept. of WTF, Brain?

Holy Crap

I just realized, whilst looking at a picture of The Moff standing with his kids next to a snowman, (on Facebook) that I'd dreamed about him last night. I can't for the life of me remember much about it, but he was in the dream, possibly interviewing people to be on the show. Not certain. It involved much more than that, but ... really brain? Really? *hides grin*

And the picture of him and the boys was freakin' adorable.  Plus encapsulating in one image one of the reasons I adore The Moff, all his cracks and fractures notwithstanding.

Now I must go and cook a turkey. (Yes, quite aware that it's not Thanksgiving anymore and not Christmas yet, it's a long story.)

That Moff pic I referenced Collapse )
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Dept. of Home Making

Turkey. I Can Haz Nao.

Yes, yes, I can. And I did. Back when we had our very wonderful Thanksgiving dinner at the elegant restaurant with our wonderful friends, I think I mentioned that I discovered to my slight bemusement that I missed cooking the dinner.

Well, I decided that there was absolutely no reason I couldn't have another Thanksgiving dinner any damned time I wanted it. Bob was amenable, so I went out and got a small bird (just 12 pounds), then proceeded to make sage stuffing and sausage stuffing/dressing (one type for each end of the turkey, plus enough of the sausage dressing to cook in a separate casserole), plus BB's wonderful horseradish-infused mashed potatoes, loads of gravy, green beans, and - since I didn't have it in me to make pumpkin pie - home-made applesauce with super premium ice cream for dessert. Oh, and I made my first cooked cranberry sauce. I usually make the no-cook cranberry orange relish, but the cranberries had been in my freezer for a while and didn't thaw well so - a new adventure! It worked out very well.

But the best part of it was that we decided  we needed a guest to help us eat the turkey, since even a 12 pound bird is a bit much for two people. FB is out of town, so we looked at each other and thought immediately of FB's high school girlfriend, who is the daughter of my heart and just the wonderful young lady around. And yes, we keep hoping they'll take another look at each other, but they''re now bosom friends and I wouldn't want to screw that up.

She came over and we had a wonderful day with her, topped off by a meal that couldn't be beat.

Thanksgiving. It comes in all shapes and sizes. And dates. Heh.

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