December 11th, 2012


Dept. of Scattershot

Short, Sharp and Stockinged

I'm tired, wired, and my son was mugged last night (OK except for a big bruise across the side of his face; he won the fight for his phone, and was a little chagrined at the fact he apparently tackled the other guy to the ground and went to town on him, because he was so angry about being attacked. I'm ambivalent about his reaction, although I might have done the same; I am glad the guy was stupid enough to do it in front of a police substation, I kid you not.)

But ... but I finally hung my stocking for [community profile] fandom_stocking . Should you so desire, it's here.  I'm trying to work on some things to stuff other stockings, because it's become one of my holiday delights. Holiday delight is much to be treasured, and I want to make holiday delight instead of whinging.

And I need to call my son to see how he's doing.

love to you all,
a very hurried [personal profile] kaffyr 

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