April 13th, 2013

Babs and Ian

Dept. of Oh Dear, Doctor

A Short in the Fairy Lights

It’s been a while since  I last posted (and how many times do my posts begin with that? But every time I’ve approached the computer with the intent of writing anything — a post, the next chapter of Hearts & Moons, the meditation on Jackie and Nine that I’m at least a month late in finishing —  I find myself turning instead to a computer game or YouTube. Still, the bicycle beckons, and  I must attend, if only to keep my brain in some sort of working condition.

So. Doctor Who.

I’ve seen the first three episodes of the back half of S07, and thus far  I have been underwhelmed.

(ETA: Also? I'm underwhelmed by the ability of LJ to accept cross-postings right now. It refused to accept paragraph spacings, and took out print color, refusing to put it back, whether I worked in rich text or html. It won't let me put my cursor where I want it to go. It ... ack. How many ways do I hate thee, oh unnamed LJ PTB?)

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