May 25th, 2013


Dept. of Wiscon

Good Morning, Wiscon!

Well, we're here!

We took the long way up, per ljgeoff's suggestion, avoiding the highways and seeing a lot more lovely scenery. We took CasaKaffyr's little new Hyundai, who I must name (The Little Orange Darling seems to be looming large, but it's not quite right), and I took an inordinate delight in finding my way by guess and by gosh to the right route. I told [personal profile] ljgeoff that her ability to live life as an adventure must be infecting me. I say that as someone whose sense of adventure is so vestigial as to be nonexistent; I always hate getting ready for trips because I never want to leave the house. The stair-stepping north and west from Chicago to Madison was oh, so worth it. We stopped in a little town to have some very late lunch - a town with a real town square. The sun was shining as we looked out the window and ate our reubens and our club sandwiches. The world was very good.

We got in, got settled in our lovely room, got registered, and even got to the opening ceremonies. Unfortunately, we didn't get to a couple of very interesting sessions I'd wanted to go to: a fanvid party, and a quiltbag TARDIS party. We were talking and chilling out after the drive, (it's wonderful to get to converse with [personal profile] a_phoenixdragon in real life; she's funny, observant, kind, sardonic, opinionated, and articulate), but we realized we were tired. One thing we did do was make rather cruel fun of one description in the program book; the language veered from English into some vernacular born out of the benighted mating of marketing and academia. The worst of both worlds ensued: almost complete use of the passive voice, multiple-syllabilitis, which is totes a word, amirite, plus repeated nouning of adjectives. Gah.

I slept and had wonderfully colorful convention dreams. Today I'm looking at a plethora of panels, an embarrassment of riches that will force me to choose between two or three panels almost every hour. "Aging White Female" or "Fandom and the Male Gaze"? "Creating Religion" or "Avoiding Gender Essentialism"? The sercon fan in me is delighted!

But first, breakfast.

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A Cat Looks Up

Dept. of Wiscon

Wiscon; A Kind of Real Report

The first day, and I am already saying "There's Too Much!" Which is kind of wonderful. So; what did you go to today, kaffyr? (ETA: this got so long, that I'm going over only one panel in this post. Christ, woman, you're not at work, you don't have to write a damned news story....)

Strong Vs. Kickass "Can the two ever be the same thing? Are they always the same thing? What characteristics make for a strong female character other than sheer physical strength? Does she have to be a genius or show her vulnerabilities in order to be fully fleshed out, or is it okay for a female character to merely be tough, witty, and attractive..."  Partial panel description.  Panelists, Rebecca Holden, Alex Bledsoe, Julia Dvorin, Holly McDowell and Caroline Pruett.

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This entry was originally posted at, where there are currently comment count unavailable comments. You can comment there or here; I watch both.