August 23rd, 2013

Pompoko yawns

Dept. of Home

I Am Home

I'm home, and tired, and so very grateful to have Bob, so glad to be back in his arms. So glad to be back in Chicago, so happy to see my kitties, so happy to know I'll see my son, so happy to have had a Chicago pizza and a proper cup of tea (waitwut? I hear you cry, did you not have proper tea in Canada? Ah, but that is a kvetch for another day) and so very, very, very ...

... so very glad I am home.

I have declared a personal 12-14 hour moratorium on thinking about what I have experienced over the past 6 days. I shall clean my teeth and crawl into my own bed, and start anew tomorrow.

Did I mention how much I love Bob, and how glad I am to be with him again?

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