September 4th, 2013

In the train's wake

Dept. of Peeking Out


It's the middle of a work day, and I should be, you know, working. But it's also the first time since I arrived home that I've had the emotional energy to post more than anonymous comments on [community profile] fandomsecrets and therefore, I shall take advantage of the unexpected spoon or two that are sitting there, looking at me expectantly as they wait for me to use them.

Goodness, that was an attenuated and badly constructed sentence; far too full of poorly knit together imagery. Go back to your typewriter! I am tempted to say to myself. But I shan't.

First things first: to all of you who have been having frustrating times, hard times, worries and sorrows; I have been keeping up as best I can, and believe it or not, a number of you have been in my thoughts every day. Hurts and worries suck, to put it ineloquently, and I wish you all quick surcease from them. To a particular Louisville Lovely - hugs and thoughts and much, much more.

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