November 23rd, 2013

Iblard Jikan, she floats

Dept. of Gorgeous, Beautiful, Awesome, Lovely, True

Everything Was Beautiful, And Nothing Hurt

Mirrors, and children, and Moments - moments!!!!! - with consciences, and pictures, and children, and batty humor, and "It was the horse!" and Clara's tears, and No More, and "It wasn't locked," and Of Course He's The Doctor, and sluggish ravens, and Us In A Scarf, and Zygons foreshadowing and mirroring and becoming us, and us becoming them, and Zygons mattering and The Curator, and children, and elegance, and the little fairy that lived in the corner of that damned box making it so much bigger on the inside, and four empty teacups on a table in an art gallery below a bas-relief of roundels, and shattered glass, and peace treaties, and children, and a Wolf, a magnificent and beautiful Wolf, and a teacher and Coal Hill School, and children, and knives in the heart (I lied about nothing hurting) and love, so much love, so much love ....

Don't you change it, not one minute.

Except of course, he did. And god bless him for doing it.

I'm going to bed. More when I'm coherent, and can wipe this damned smile off my face. God, my cheeks hurt ....

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