December 21st, 2013

Thin Man Christmas

Dept. of Scattershot

Five or Six or Whatever Things Make a Post

I forgot last week to tell you all how lucky I am to have married [personal profile] buckaroobob  (aka dr_whuh) 32 years ago, as of Dec. 12. He's the best thing that ever happened to me, you damn betcha, and I am so lucky to have found my team mate,, lover, moral compass and best friend.

We have a tree! It's the best tree ever! (All our trees are the best tree ever.) We didn't have one last year because Too Much Crazy. This one is surviving five cats, and I only have four ornaments to put back on the tree so far. Not bad, eh?

I got some Christmas and holiday cards out this year. Another victory, go me.

I missed my old friend clearlydark's birthday. Happy birthday, my friend.

I don't think I've missed apostle_of_eris' birthday, though. Happy birthday - what a joy it is to know you!

I am going shopping today with BB. Wish us luck.

I am going to cry when Matt leaves. How did Eleventy become My Doctor?

I should never read the Moffat secrets on [community profile] fandom_secrets . They make me crazy. Why so hatey, guise? Oh, don't answer.

I'm still excited by Capaldi, though.

I regret never getting the essay done for [community profile] who_at_50  that I promised to do so many months ago ... the one that compares Jackie to Nine. It's still somewhere, half-done, on my drive. Should I complete it?

And now? Off to shop!

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