March 24th, 2014

Clara cries

Dept. of It Doesn't Stop

Please Send Him Good Vibes, Y'all

My brother just phoned me; he had a heart attack last night, and is in hospital in Halifax. They will be keeping him in for at least three days. He did not sound good, but insists things are fine now. There is, apparently, no need for me to come up to N.S. He asked me to tell our stepdad, Rob, which I have done, keeping the message as positive as possible. He's 87 and just lost Mum. He doesn't need to worry more than necessary.

Very selfishly, I do not — do not — want to be the last man standing in my family. He is my little brother, damn it.

He's a very good man; a fine, strong, funny, kind, tough man and I'm very proud of him for shouldering so much for the last few years. If you believe in God, please send a prayer Their way for a quick recovery, If you don't, just keep him in your thoughts, if only for a moment.

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