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May 11th, 2014

Dept.of Birthday Wishes

Birthdays, Delayed

I have forgotten to wish several people very happy birthdays.

A horribly long time ago (April 14) [personal profile] ameliaponders had a birthday. It's almost a month later, but I certainly hope your day was great, and I hope to see you around very soon; it's been a pleasure to meet you. The ways of Dreamwidth (and LJ for that matter) are a little quirky, but they're very much worth puzzling out!

Then [personal profile] calapine had a birthday on May 8; I hope she has another good year, enjoys life, being an aunt and considering Scottish politics.

On May 10, deathpixie had a birthday; I'm hoping that work becomes better, (maybe things will change, and you'll be transferred with the rest of your department!) and that your 2014 becomes a very good year for you.

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Dept. of Mother's Day

Being One, Having One, Thinking About It All

Ordinarily, right about now, me being who I am and my body being the ill-tempered clavier that it's chosen to be today,  I'd be complaining about it. And I've reason to; I'm uncomfortable and in a certain amount of pain. (Age, they name is all too often lower GI distemper ....)

But it seems so little a nuisance. Today, Andy and Emily came over and took me out for Mother's Day. So the four of us (of course BB was with us; as Andy and I agreed, without BB, I wouldn't be a mother) headed north to Evanston and had a lovely early supper, sitting outside and enjoying the warm weather.

Last night, BB gave me a Mother's Day present - a TARDIS usb port hub that goes VWORP when you plug anything into it! And the blue light goes on when it's plugged in! And if you just want to hear it go VWORP, why, you push the sign on the door!

I mean, how cool is that?/nerd

Very slightly pensive Mother's Day thoughtsCollapse )
I hope, if you are a mother, that you spent today with people who love you, who told you how much you mean to them.

I hope, if you have a mother, that you were able to tell her that you love her.

If you don't have a mother you can say anything to - I know there are many people who don't have mothers they can love or like - then I hope there is some woman in your life that you could look to, and hug, and tell,"thank you for being there for me."

I hope, if you're like me, that you have wonderful memories of your mother, and that they help a little with the ache. Those memories are treasures.

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