June 29th, 2014


Dept. of Better Things

Good Things on a Weekend

  • Knights of Sidonia has been renewed for a new season. For my money, the best recent straight up drama anime I've seen. Complicated story, interesting world, computer art that fits with the story. Yeah, good news.
  • I cleaned my tub and toilet. Yes, that's good news, and no, they weren't horrible to begin with. Well, the jets on the tub needed to cleaned a whole lot ... and I finally got my act in gear and did it.
  • We will be down to three cats in three or four days. I'll miss Tommy and Lily, but I won't miss the second cat box, and everything that goes into it. And my poor little Opie cat will be able to relax, once scary Lily (who is maybe half his size) is no longer around to make life miserable.
  • And of course the reason that Tommy and Lily will be departing after being fostered here for a year is because Andy and his lady-love are moving in together. And that's a good thing. Emily is bright, confident, openly in love, and in like, with my son; and she is comfortable around BB and me. That last is one of the biggest reasons I think this relationship has a strength and potential for growth that simply wasn't there in the previous situation. Why? Because family interaction is very important for BB, FB and me. If someone isn't comfortable with that, then one isn't going to be comfortable with any of us.
  • Defiance continues to be damned good. I am a happy fan. (Right now, I'm not doing much reviewing or talking about it, but I'm happy that Doc Yewl is on my screen once more; although (gah!) as of this week there seems to be less of her to be on screen. Yet another reason to despise the E-Republic.
  • I got shopping done, I got cat boxes changed, the sun is, unexpectedly, shining. I listened to lots of Brazilian music today, and now I'm listening to lots of The Mambo Express, all of which serves to ease me back into the week. And the week is only four days long. At the end of it? Fireworks, and a birthday party.
So, yeah; not too bad, by my lights.

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In the train's wake

Dept. of Wrapping Up

Noted, Sadly

One of the people who was very kind to my mother over her last few years was the wife of Rob, my first cousin. Deb often talked to Mum, and visited her several times when she came down to Nova Scotia from Winnipeg, to visit her own blood relatives. Deb and Rob have been together a long time, and I remember meeting her back when the two of them were high school sweethearts in the early to mid 1970s. She kept in touch with me over the last few years as well, via Facebook and its IM function; I was very touched that she did that, and even more grateful for the kindness and obvious affection she held for Mum.

Last week, her younger brother (he was 51)  had a heart attack, one so severe they had to put him into an induced coma to keep him going. Everyone knew it was a bad situation, but people seemed hopeful. My brother let me know about it, so I contacted Deb via Facebook, and sent my best wishes her way. However, this evening Mac called to let me know that Deb's family has had to make the decision to take her brother off life support. The brain damage is severe, and they want to be able to offer his organs to people who need them. This was probably not unexpected, given the severity of his situation, but it was still sad news for me to hear. I know that she has always been close with her family, and to have it happen this way - having to make the decisions that they have had to make - makes it even more painful.

I'll try to touch base with her, and let her know that she is in my thoughts and my heart. I wish the news had been better for her.

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