July 19th, 2014

River is worth it

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Dear Lord ...

... I love River Song. I love her like burning, I love her forever. There is so much I could say about her if I were halfway intelligent today (not intelligent enough yet, sadly.) And of course I ship her and the Doctor, particularly Eleventy.

I look at that last sentence and shake my head at myself. In fact, I look at the last paragraph and shake my head at myself. Look at the language I'm using - the language of internet fans who are 20 to 30 years my junior. The language of people who are turning English into a spiky, abbreviated and admittedly dynamic offshoot of itself, rather than the English of which I am a supposedly professional user.

Where is my ability with words? Where is my facility with communication? Where the fuck is my goddamned gravitas?

And to top it off, as I mentioned in the previous extremely problematic paragraph, I don't even have the ability to concentrate, the discipline to organize thoughts, to create an explanation of how much I love River Song, how much I respect and am in awe of her story and her place in the Doctor's life. I lack the ability to say how great an individual character she is, free and clear of the Doctor.

So "love her like burning" will have to do for now.

I am sitting in eager anticipation of S08. Capaldi will be masterful. And I'm glad that there are spoilery whispers about the woman I would sometimes like to be when I grow up (only sometimes, because dear lord, the price of becoming her is really too high for humans, isn't it?).

But The River I knew and loved in S04, S05 and especially S06 - yes, S06 is my favorite season For Reasons - she is who I will miss. Here, Have a picture. I don't know who made it, but I'll gladly credit if someone can tell me.

ETA: Thanks to the wonderful [personal profile] merryghoul over on LJ, I can now tell you that
the piece is called "That Very Last Moment," and it's by inklou on DeviantArt. And this is why I love fandom.

ETA2: Thanks to my own trigger finger, I deleted an anonymous comment that mentioned something else about "That Very Last Moment" instead of actually reading it (For some reason what I thought I hit to unscreen the comment for reply actually deleted it. As I said, damn my trigger finger, and apologies for not answering whoever it was!)

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