July 25th, 2014

Coles Philips

Dept. of Wonk

I Live for Zoning Journalism

Long ago I said I would know when to leave my job; it would be when municipal zoning became interesting to me. 

Zoning has been interesting to me for many years now; if not always the painful minutia, then the equally arcane thought processes that go into creating those bits of pilpul and the resulting community evolution that proceed therefrom. Did I, however, take my own advice, and get the hell out of reportorial Dodge once I realized how fascinating this all had become to me? 

Of course not. 

And so I have spent much of this week doing zoning stories.  And I am disheartened to discover that the thrill is gone. 


Collapse )

Huh. Guess it's still thrilling for me. 

I. Am. Pathetic.

But at least I got the thrill back. 

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