July 27th, 2014

Adorable dalek

Dept. of Thinky Thoughts, Lazy Edition

Alrighty, then!

Lazy post, not a poll, asking folks one thing - answer short or long, profane or transcendentally, pictures or words;

What does fandom mean to you? And what (I lied about it being one thing) do you mean when you say "I am a fan"?


Edited to say: thanks to [personal profile] ljgeoff  over on LJ, I have one of the two definitions I'm really liking so far: "Of course there are disagreements, wank-fests, calcification of thought and culture -- because we are people. But we talk about it, hey? We're like the Unitarians of sub-cultures" (Italics mine because that is pretty genius, although I'd add, we're the crazy Unitarians of sub-cultures.)

And this, from a mysterious and poetic exemplar of the latest iteration of fandom, via the near-numinous [personal profile] promethia_tenk , on Dreamwidth; an excellent definition of just that marvelous latest iteration of fandoms: "I'm in love with a show and all the songs are about us."

And yet another great definition, from the most estimable betawho on LJ: Fandom is involved enthusiasm (as opposed to detached observation.)

Edited again (and I really have to stop adding to this, but so many people have wonderful things to say) to add the words of [personal profile] supergee , who, like me, was a denizen of traditional skiffy fandom before coming to Teh Intarwebz:   "Source of my greatest achievements and my family of choice."

Of course, that leads to a further question that I shall, perhaps put into a different post ....

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