September 1st, 2014

Dashing Twelve

Dept. of Thinky Thoughts, Lazy Edition

Working On It

Thinking  thoughts about how Moffat is taking a very risky turn in process as well as story, mixing Doylist and Watsonian angles with drunken abandon, (except that he's doing it very carefully.)

Thinking about the phrase "I am built broken. Watch me."

Thinking about the difference between liking and loving, and the similarities. Thinking about dislike and discomfort and how they are often survival tools.

Thinking about mirrors and mistakes, about how communication is a minuet of misinterpretation, rediscovery and changing minds, and how Moffat pulls it off sometimes, and how sometimes he doesn't.

Back to the tabbouleh salad, notebook at the ready ....

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