January 12th, 2015

Adorable dalek

Dept. of Rushing, Rushing, Rushing

Just Two Things

  • Happy almost-belated birthday to the estimable beamjockey; I hope your day was great!

  • I hate Microsoft Outlook. That is all.

  • OK, three things: did you know that the art of fixing a water main is actually pretty darned interesting? No, you did not. But I know, because I learned about it today. And took pictures of a broken water main being repaired. I even got hit in the head by a small bit of rock that was being blown out of the hole by a huge water sucking vacuum. Physics, baby ....

  • OK four things. Dreamwidth isn't letting me make bullet points tonight. Argh. EDIT: now it is. Yay.

  • And four: my mouth hurts, Bert!

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