January 14th, 2015

TARDIS loves

DW Fic: The Bright Side of Time

Title: The Bright Side of Time
Fandom: Doctor Who, Sapphire and Steel
Characters: Clara Oswald, Silver, Sapphire, the Twelfth Doctor
Rating: PG
Words: 2,022
Summary: That Clara would investigate the change in the sound of the TARDIS was a foregone conclusion. That she’d find a strange man in a light grey suit kneeling in the hall, one ear pressed hard against the TARDIS' wall, wasn’t.
Author's Notes: This is dedicated, with a great deal of affection, to [personal profile] lost_spook  for the 2014 [community profile] fandom_stocking  fun. She it was who first introduced me to Sapphire and Steel. I like to think that members of my favorite elemental OT3, and most certainly Silver, would appreciate a dimensionally transcendent blue box, if only because She shares the same color scheme as Sapphire. I hope I treat all of the characters here with the respect they are due. This is my first time writing Clara and, for as brief a time as he appears, the Twelfth Doctor; any mischaraterizations are solely my responsibility, since this tale was not edited.
Disclaimer: As always, no characters are mine. They are, rather, the sole property of their various original creators. I take no coin, but am grateful to be able to work with them.
Read also at: AO3

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