January 17th, 2015

Blue Nippon

Dept. of Possibly a Weeabo, Part Deux

Saturday Night Date and Good News

BB and I have just come back, happily stuffed, from our new favorite Japanese restaurant in Evanston. The place is called Kuni's, and it's a little bit more expensive than our previous go-to place, the sadly departed Tokyo Marina on the north side of Chicago, so we probably won't go there often, but it's really a great place for when you want really good sushi or chirashi or a nice dinner box of teriyaki and maki and whatever they call the fried rice balls, and the sweet omelet. MMmm. Also, red bean ice cream. But best of all, oddly, was what I've been faunching for for a few days - miso soup.

It was no big thing, but at the end of a week filled with (thankfully low level) stress, I'd told BB I wanted to go out for supper. After a very busy Friday afternoon, however, I changed my mind because I was beat, To my delighted surprise BB said "I'd like to go out tomorrow night for sushi," and it dovetailed so perfectly with what I'd wanted that I hoped all day today that both of us would have enough energy to do it.

It turned out we did, and the weather was much warmer, and I got a chance to try a new appetizer (fish jaw, which sounds gross, but isn't, especially after the waitress told us you just ate it with your hands), and we just talked about nothing at all stressful, and laughed, and enjoyed each other. And it cost less than stingy me had thought it would, which is kind of petty, but that's the way I think.

No big deal, and that's a very big deal for me. Next, I'm going to sweet-talk BB into watching three or maybe four Korra episodes. He's not yet as into it as I immediately got, but I suspect he will be.

And then there's this. Which I am very happy about. Our local has been able to organize two new units within the year, including this one, and believe me, there was a time I would have thought that no reporter on the Reader staff would ever deign to consider becoming a union member. My former bosses treated them with so little respect that, when they saw our unit members actually gain back some lost pay in our hard-won contract, when they got nothing so much as a sou, well, they came to us. Never forget, children, that management is often the best organizer a good union can have. 

So, yes, a post full of quiet and seemingly inconsequential, but actually very lovely, good things. I am a happy camper.

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