February 21st, 2015

Happy Kyouso Giga daughter

Dept. of Nataldalia

 Cavalcade of Birthdays

Oh, so many people to which I need to wish current and belated birthdays, for I am a slug and have had a long week during which I did little journaling:
  • Happy belated birthday to [personal profile] cygnia , who arrived on this earth on a Feb. 18th some time in the past, and has graced it with wry observation and friendly if occasional hellos ever since. Hope your day was a good one. And since I believe you'r safely away from the various snowmageddons of the northern climes, I hope you had a proper amount of sun and warmth in which to celebrate. 
  • Another belated birthday (Feb. 18th) to wendymr, one of the first people I met and read in Who fandom; she was definitely a help with Brit-picking as I ventured into the world of writing Who fic. Although she is exploring other fandoms these days, she remains a thoughtful and friendly acquaintance who is a pleasure to know. (And she's a fellow union maid, which is another star in her crown!)
  • Feb. 18th was also the the birthday for [personal profile] marence , one of the few online members of my f'list who I've had the joy of meeting in person. She is a fellow rocknroller, mother, Who fan and all around nice lady, and I hope her birthday was great. I also hope we get another chance to visit in the future!
  • Happy belated birthday to [personal profile] trobadora , (Feb. 19th) who is a lovely fan; we share the enjoyment of writing and reading fic, and also of the Marvel universe, the Whoniverse, the Vorkosigan saga and much more. I hope that your natal day was superb. It's a pleasure knowing you on Teh Intarwebz!
  • And finally, I can wish some folks Happy Birthday on their actual birthday, including Natal Day Greetings to you, [personal profile] lokifan ; may your day and year be free of creepy flatmates and full of creativity, friends, loved ones, fannish fun and a completely awesome blend of adult responsibility and never-ending childlike fun!
  • A very sincere birthday wish today to a lady whose writing and observations on life I respect greatly, and would love to see around these parts again. It's been a while, but I'm hoping that [personal profile] misscam  has a wonderful birthday. 
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