May 23rd, 2015

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Progress Report

In my first week back at work, I've successfully made it to two physical therapy appointments, and usually done two sets of PT exercises at home each day as well. I've fallen down on that a couple of days, but I'm still keeping the end goal in sight, that of having a healthier back - a healthier self.

I've handled work fairly well; when I start feeling anxious, I step aside from the perceived problem that's causing the anxiety and try to look at it from the outside. That's helped me control it; I've also been able to write slightly more easily than I was writing prior to going on vacation.

We still have things to do in the condo association; I'm having a meeting with the treasurer tomorrow; on the agenda - the special assessment, the need to crop our courtyard greenery, and the necessity of completing the insurance claim and starting to pay me back. But I feel more in control than I did previously.

All of this may be due in large part to a partly refilled reservoir of energy, but my hope is that I can manage that energty and make more of a renewable resource, thus providing me with the strength to tackle my own anxieties, and to stick to a new regimen.

I've been gearing up for the next Hearts & Moons chapter; I even dreamed about writing fic last night; in my dream I'd gotten about 3,825 words written on something - while I supposed to be doing something else - and I wasn't worried at all about doing the fic instead of my proper tasks. I think my subconscious is pushing me back to the keyboard.

The only thing I haven't done yet is get to a pool and swim. I shall do that this coming week.

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Delayed Mother's Day, or Why I Love My Family

 photo 4fcf9d7b-4d80-4d1b-81a2-7502028870a8_zpsx4jh5j16.jpg

Yes, this is exactly what it looks like - more action figures for my mantelpiece! I am such a lucky geek! And now BB has his very own favorite Doctor in the collection. Heh.

This gift had another facet to it, one that makes it just a little weird and important at the same time.

FB got the figures and the plush talking Dalek key chain fobs (!!) from a friend who was selling some of her collection, in order to raise money for her dad's medical care. When I heard that, my heart ached a bit, so I focused on the fact that when Andy, Emily and BB pooled their money to get these wonderful things for me, they weren't just making me squee like an idiot - they were helping this young woman and her family. But I sort of feel like I should be willing to give them back to her for free; it's weird. I feel as if I'm benefiting from someone's sorrow.

But they are so fantastic, and I hope the young woman can take some comfort from knowing that they went to a very welcoming home.

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