June 20th, 2015

Alistair and Doris

Dept. of Being Grateful

Things That Make Me Happy

Being able to hold really neat conversations with friends and acquaintances on LJ and Dreamwidth. Doing so helps keep my brain active, and my heart warm. Thanks, all!

Being able to enjoy a cold glass of sake (yes, one can enjoy sake cold, as well as warm.)

Having a new light bulb in my lava lamp, thanks to my beloved BB. We do indeed turn on the lamp every night, and a few nights ago, the original bulb burned out. So BB mailed away for a new one, and we got it, and the light is burning again. Hurrah!

Having BB. Just having him.

Or perhaps I should say, just knowing him. I don't "have" him, because he isn't something to be had, he's someone. But knowing that he and I are a team? That's the best thing ever.

Being able to write the first 296 words of Chapter 25, and know that they are the right first 296 words.

Rereading The Goblin Emperor and wishing that the author would change her mind and write a sequel, and then being glad that she wrote The Goblin Emperor in the first place.

Having a submarine sandwich from Capt'n Nemo's. Really. Capt'n Nemo's rocks.

These are all good things. And this has been a pretty good Saturday.

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