August 22nd, 2015


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Master Fic List

ETA: As of 11th Jan. 2019 the section of this post listing my Marvel Cinematic Universe stories has been included, much to my frustration, under the Sapphire and Steel cut. If you open that cut, you'll be able to access their links. Once I've managed to tease out the screwy coding, I'll fix it. Thanks for your forbearance.

Doctor Who

Single Chapter Stories

Third Doctor
Collapse )

Fourth Doctor
Cooking with Gallifreyans  (LJ)

Ninth Doctor
Collapse )

Tenth Doctor
Collapse )

Eleventh Doctor
Collapse )
Twelfth Doctor

Collapse )
Thirteenth Doctor

Collapse )

Sarah Jane Adventures
A Light in the Dark  (LJ)
Carbon, Earth and Stardust  (LJ)

Triptych  (LJ)
Going Out With the Tide  (LJ)

Multi-Chapter Stories 
Walk Out With Me to the Unknown Region

Sapphire and Steel
Collapse )

The Goblin Emperor
Collapse )

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