October 22nd, 2015

TARDIS loves

Dept. of Birthdays

Two Beautiful People

It's not often I get the chance to wish Happy Birthday in one day to two people as uniquely lovely as elisi and a_phoenixdragon.

[personal profile] elisi is the person I look to for incredible meta on Doctor Who. The thought she puts into our shared obsession, the acuity of her observations, her ability to see patterns, the breadth of her knowledge and her ability to address those patterns with that knowledge and, what's most important, the joy with which she attacks the challenge of meta, are things to which I aspire. She writes damned fine fanfic and general fiction, too. What makes her even more lovely to know are the glimpses I see of her personal life with a wonderful family with members as lively and intelligent as she is. I'm happy for so many reasons that I got to meet and interact with you. I know your family undoubtedly honored your birthday as it should be honored. Please take my wishes for a fantastic year!

[personal profile] a_phoenixdragon is one of the online friends I've been lucky enough to meet in three-dee life. Mandy grabs at life with both hands, wrestles with it and generally takes it two falls out of three; then, to mangle my metaphors completely, she'll cook it dinner, have a beer with it and basically have fun with it. That's all while dealing with life's less savory aspects. She's tough, funny, unstoppable, she can talk up a storm - and have all of it be fun to listen to - she's curious about the world, loving and patient with her boyos and her own Best Beloved, unwilling to give up, and delighted to enjoy the good things. And I haven't even mentioned her incredible output of Extremely Good Fanfic. She's the mistress of atmosphere and emotions, and it's always a treat (albeit more than occasionally a dark treat) to read her work. May you have a great day, Mandy, and may you have an even better year - and we'll find a way to get you up here for some Japanese curry and a night of geeking out, OK?

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