January 17th, 2016

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Dept. of Birthdays, Delayed Edition

To [personal profile] ljgeoff , Delayed Birthday Greetings

Among the many lovely people I've met and learned to treasure since getting into online Dr. Who fandom is ljgeoff.  I've also had the luck of meeting her in the flesh, and she is as delightful in three dimensions as she is in two.  She's thoughtful, adventurous,hard-working (and how!), brave, caring, gifted with more energy in her little finger than I have in my whole body, worried about the world we live in (and succeeded in making me think seriously about that world myself), and willing to help anyone in need. On top of all that, she is a talented and sophisticated writer of both fic and original fiction.

My dear, I am at least four days late, but I wanted to tell you anyhow; my the coming year bring you peace, accomplishment, love, strength, and joy.

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DW Fic: Through A Glass, Sideways

Title: Through a Glass, Sideways
[personal profile] kaffyr :
Fandom: Doctor Who
Characters: the Eleventh Doctor, River Song, the Twelfth Doctor, Clara Oswald, the TARDIS
Rating: PG-13
Summary: He shouldn't have thought they'd get away with it unscathed. The Doctor learns what happened after his wife short-circuited a fixed point in time whilst in a Manhattan graveyard.
Author's Note: This was written for
[personal profile] juliet316 as part of the 2015 [community profile] fandom_stocking effort, after noticing that she likes both the Eleventh Doctor and River Song. A note: This story follows hard on the heels of my story "Stoney End," which I wrote as a fixit of sorts for "The Angels Take Manhattan." This story will make much more sense if you read that first.
Edited by: My beloved
dr_whuhand the delightful [personal profile] a_phoenixdragon
Disclaimer: As always, much as I might wish it were otherwise, all characters are the sole property of the BBC and their respective creators. I intend no copyright infringement and take no coin. I do, however, thank the BBC for letting me play in its sandbox.

****   ****  ****  *****
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