July 3rd, 2016

Happy River and Twelve!

Dept. of Birthdays

Catching Up, Because You're All Such Neat People

Yes, I missed a lot of birthdays. That's a shame, so let me put it at least partially aright. 

Almost a month ago, on June 11, 
[personal profile] time_converges  celebrated her birthday. She is a joy to see, whenever she posts, or comments; she and I share a love of Donna, who was never just a temp, and who has thoughtful things to say about politics and life in general. I know you're mostly on Tumblr these days, but I'm always glad to see you around these parts. I hope your birthday was awesome, and that the days which followed were equally so. 

A day later, on June 12, the long missing dark_aegis celebrated a birthday. Hers were among the first fics I ever read, and thus among the small collection of fic writers who impressed me and made me think that writing fic was something I wanted to try. Not only did she share my love for Dr. Who, the last I read from her was that she kind of liked Agents of S,H,I,E.L.D., which I hope continued to be a thing. And perhaps sometime she'll drop back by, and it will be a pleasure to see her. Happy (very) belated birthday!

On June 16, the most estimable 
[personal profile] eaweek  celebrated a natal anniversary. Bowie aficionado, fic writer whose talents allowed me to enjoy a Labyrinth fic, a swimmer, a figure-skating fan, someone who can run an office - which I hold in almost superstitious awe and respect - someone who can make cogent commentary about the world, and someone who hasn't yet killed or maimed the fools who occasionally intersect her orbit - I hope your birthday was good (actually, I just read your post that day - I'm glad it was a good get-together; a bright spot in a dark day.) May we continue to interact in the future, and may this year be a good one for you!

Much closer to the present, on June 25, the wonderful 
[personal profile] joking  had a birthday. Happy birthday to you, fellow fic writer, TARDIS fan, 9Rose/Jack OT3 appreciator, poetic writer, and lovely person in general. I hope to see you around occasionally, but even if I don't catch you, I figure I am lucky to have had the chance to interact with you. Happy, happy 2016 to you, with loads of friendship, love, and accomplishments.

[personal profile] autographedcat , another June 25 celebrator, isn't around much these days, but when he shows up, I always smile. He loves fandom, fanfic, Dr. Who, filk, and other excellent things, and I hope he is enjoying all those things (and all the things in general) now. May the coming year be a very good one for you!

I think that about covers the list of people who have celebrated in the past month. If I've missed you, know that I hope you, whoever you are, had a great birthday. 

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