January 14th, 2018

The Old Kingdom

Dept. of Birthdays

She Jumps Off Cliffs and Flies, Even When She Hits the Ground

[personal profile] ljgeoff  is one of the most remarkable people I know. She is a writer, a nurse, a mother, an adventurer, someone who stands, looking at life, saying some much more feminist version of "Come At Me, Bro." And she wins more than she loses. 

She has patience; her capacity for hard work and almost endless empathy are awe-inspiring. She is unafraid - or if she is afraid, she manages to negotiate a truce with fear so that she can keep moving forward. 

I could not do what she does; I can't write the way she does; I can't work nearly as hard - but I can be grateful that I know her. 

And did I mention that she's beautiful, inside and out? I didn't? Bad me. 

Happy Birthday, my dear! May 2018 treat you as you deserve to be treated - gloriously. 

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Bridge in winter ukiyo-e

Dept. of Fandom Stocking

Fandom Stocking Gifts

I've been MIA ever since New Year's, what with work stress, a back that went out just before Christmas, and again a couple of days ago - yay, always so much fun - but perhaps I can get back on the horse. A lot of you are doing the Fandom Snowflake challenge, and I've given thought to trying that out; late, perhaps, but fun? Some of you have been doing other memes, and all of them make me want to respond to your posts. But spoons - oh, spoons, where have you gone? I have no brain with which to post or comment ....

I did have a lovely 
[community profile] fandom_stocking ; folks were very kind.  Here's where you can find everything in my stocking

[personal profile] lost_spook , I got a beautiful little Sapphire and Steel (and Silver! Silver, FTW!) drabble; it played with light and dark in a way that pushes all my happy buttons. She always writes our favorite Elements so well!

[personal profile] maeve_of_winter  took note of my Stranger Things love, and gave me a story about Hopper and Billy that was emotionally right on the money. Hurrah!

[personal profile] marginaliana  gave me a sweet little forward rush of a ficlet, about Jack and River and Eleven - two of my favorite Whoniverse characters, and one of my favorite Doctors - that managed to make me want more of Jack and River's adventures. 

[personal profile] weaselett  wrote a fixit ficlet (say that three times fast) featuring Jack, Donna, and an off-stage Doctor who finally did the right thing. Yes, this is exactly what I needed. 

[personal profile] liadtbunny  made me Eleven/River icons, and they will very soon go into my rotation because I love them. 

Speaking of icons, 
[personal profile] nrgburst  satisfied my Black Widow love with some great gif icons (and she included Bruce, too, because Natasha/Bruce is close to my heart. More icons for rotation .... 

Jack and River featured again, in a lovely graphic from 
[personal profile] chamilet [personal profile] trobadora  added to my Jack haul, with a graphic from Boom Town, which was one of the episodes that nurtured my OT3. Jack/Rose/Nine, FTW!

[personal profile] twinsarein  brightened my stocking with one of her always sweet and sparkly holiday greetings. 

[personal profile] hamsterwoman  sent my stocking's cute factor rocketing up, thanks to her graphic of a Santa-hatted hamster. Yes, my voice went up several octaves into the "woman sees cute thing and squees about it" stratosphere. 

[personal profile] pipilj gave me a lovely New Year's gif, plus a recipe that not only provides me directions for a good soup, but gave me the directions to make the stock necessary for the soup. And it has things that I love in it, like lemon grass, garlic, and ginger. MMMmm ... I was gifted with another recipe, for Jamaican rice and beans, from [personal profile] rosefox , who also noted my love of jazz, and gave me a recommendation for a great Ellington album. Since Ellington is one of my favorite classic jazz giants, this was much appreciated. 

To all of you - thank you so much! Your gifts made my holiday season that much more wonderful, and I hope your own stockings were filled with similarly wonderful things. Happy 2018 to one and all!

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