January 26th, 2018

Medieval Clara

DW Fiction: Breath

Title: Breath
[personal profile] kaffyr
Fandom: Dr. Who
Characters: Clara Oswald, Ashildr/Lady Me
Summary: The breath in her lungs was either a lie, or the truth. Clara Oswald gets some advice about life after death.
Author's Note: This was written for
[personal profile] purplecat (annariel) for the 2017 [community profile] fandom_stocking . She likes both Clara and the woman known at times as Me. It can be read as gen or F/F. The two women are potentiality personified in terms of their fates, so their futures are wide open.
Edited by: no one, but read and re-read obsessively by the author.
Disclaimer: All characters are the sole property of the BBC and their respective creators. I take no ownership or coin, but I do love them.. 

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